Recorded Webinar: A Little Business Process Management with your SharePoint?

While most experts agree that the 2010 version of SharePoint delivers on the promise of a true Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, it doesn’t by itself provide a complete ECM solution. It relies on the Microsoft partner ecosystem to provide complimentary technologies for SharePoint and customers have come to expect this. According to recent AIIM research, nearly 80% of SharePoint users expect to use the capabilities of a third-party application or add on to get the full ECM functionality they want, and BPM is among the top add-on technologies needed. BPM and other technologies are document driven and require enterprise capture to achieve their full potential.

This webinar will explain how capture-driven business process management can help you get the most from SharePoint. It will describe how you can capture information at the point of origination – inside or outside the firewall – and deliver information into your business processes as fast as possible.