e-Brief: Impact Insurance

Kofax solutions are not just about capturing data, they are about making an impact on the business. We do that in three critical areas: revenue growth; profitability; and compliance. For the insurance sector we address these within a framework of customer engagement, by focusing on the key touch points in the customer life cycle – New business/Underwriting, Claims Processing, and Customer Service – Kofax solutions help insurance carriers drive business growth efficiently and within compliance.

From Point of Origination to the Front Office, to the Back Office, Kofax insurance solutions establish solid data gathering, information sharing, and business process management across all customer touch points and channels. By leveraging mobile, web, enterprise capture and business process management technology Kofax helps insurance carriers create happier, more satisfied customers at better margins and with greater regulatory compliance, enabling them to establish the distinct competitive advantage necessary to win in today’s highly competitive, customer driven market.